The Ninth Wave by The Farm and Co3 Contemporary Dance. Photo by Jess Wyld.

Festival of Outback Opera

Festival of Outback Opera by Opera Queensland. Photo by Glenn Hunt.

Auto Cannibal

Auto Cannibal by Australasian Dance Collective and Beijing Dance LDTX,
Choreographed by Stephanie Lake. Photo by Jade Ellis.


Zoom by Patch Theatre. Photo by Matt Byrne.

Trash Talk

Trash Talk by The Strangeways Ensemble. Courtesy of Merrigong Theatre Company.

So long suckers 2

So Long Suckers by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company. Photo by Simon Pynt.

Curious Legends

Curious Legends

Black Cockatoo

Black Cockatoo by Ensemble Theatre. Photo by Prudence Upton.


Whoosh by Sensorium Theatre. Photo by Peter Foster.

River Linked Live Virtual Concert

River Linked Live Virtual Concert. Photo by Abram Rasmussen Photography.

HOTA Home of the Arts

HOTA Home of the Arts. Courtesy of venue.

The Butch is Back

The Butch is Back by Reuben Kaye. Photo by Rebekah Ryan.

APAX 2022 dates announced!

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APAX 2022 dates have landed!


At the close of the recent APAX, Executive Director Katherine Connor announced that APAX 2022 would be delivered both online and in-person at NIDA in Sydney on 5-9 September 2022.

“I’d like to say that we’re so pleased to be entering into partnership with NIDA, but the fact is, we’ve been working with NIDA for two years anow and will actually just be bringing this partnership into fruition in a more sector-facing way in 2022. We’re thrilled to be working with this influential and important institution and that APAX is aligned to this organisation beyond just a venue partnership – a real partnership that is focussed on strategic professional and sector development for the benefit of PAC Australia members, and indeed everyone who benefits from APAX.”

APAX 2022 will open with a bang. Commencing at sunset on the Monday evening of the 5th September with our own opening night party, we’ll be celebrating being together again and celebrating getting through a couple of horrible and hard years.

More information will be released over the coming months, with applications and registrations expected to open in April/May 2022.

In the meantime, get those dates in the diary!