APAX 2021 moving to fully online program

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We have been keeping a close eye on the unfolding COVID-19 situation, with case numbers on the increase, and lockdowns affecting our sector right across the country.

PAC Australia has made the decision to move our APAX 2021 program fully online. Our planning for this year has always considered multiple scenarios, assuming that online-only delivery might be one of those possibilities, so we are moving those plans into action now. As you know, APAX 2020 was also hosted virtually and we learned a lot, so we are looking forward to bringing you and your team an even better online experience this September.

Our team will be busy over the coming week tweaking program timings, which will be finalised and ‘relaunched’ on Wednesday 28 July. During this time, our website will remain live, however its functionality will be limited.

In a time of so much uncertainty, we hope this message provides certainty about APAX 2021 and the importance of staying connected, even though we are apart, and continuing to look to the future.