Coronavirus (COVID-19) – State Legislation

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Please note, states will be enacting legislation to enforce what has been, up to this point, an advisement against mass gatherings of 500+ people. In this scenario, penalties may apply for events with over 500 people in attendance. States may also enact their own limits on the number of people permitted and we recommend you continue to monitor your state or territory government’s website. We will provide updates as they become available but you should ensure you’re up to date with updates directly from the government in your state or territory:

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As at Sunday, 15th March there has been no official definition of what constitutes a gathering of 500 people. Our position is that 500 includes everyone in the building at one time. With the above in mind regarding the potential state-based limits, some scenarios to consider:

  • if your venue has sold 450 tickets and your crew, performer and staff number 50+ then you have exceeded the 500 limit.
  • if your venue seats 800 but you’ve only sold 300 tickets, you are within the 500 limit. You should ensure a limit is implemented on the number of tickets available for sale.
  • the combined total of multiple events, operating concurrently, must not exceed 500 – that is, the count should include every person in your building at one time, not just space by space.  

Further updates will be provided. Please also stay in touch with your state-based organisations where relevant.