About the Drovers


The PAC Australia Drovers Awards were instigated in 2003 to recognise excellence in performing arts touring. The purpose of the awards is to:

  • Acknowledge the skill and expertise required for touring.
  • Promote the importance of touring for PAC Australia members.
  • Encourage excellence.
  • Reward and show our appreciation for the excellence, hard work and dedication demonstrated by touring companies.


Nominations for the 2020 Drovers Awards closed Friday 3rd July. Check back soon for more information. 

PAC Australia would like to congratulate the following companies on being selected as finalists for the 16th annual Drover Awards.

2019 Drover Award for Performing Arts Centre of the Year – Finalists

The Art House Wyong
Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre – WINNER
Merrigong Theatre Company
Queens Park Theatre

2019 Drover Award for Tour of the Year – Finalists

Cockfight – WINNER
Producer: The Farm & Performing Lines 
Tour Coordinator: Performing Lines in association with Arts on Tour 

The Beginning of Nature
Producer: Australian Dance Theatre

In Between Two
Producer: Contemporary Asian Australian Performance
Tour Coordinator: Arts on Tour 






This award recognises both the production company with an outstanding commitment to touring and the tour coordinator delivering exceptional touring services. It rewards the commitment to form strong partnerships and to work collaboratively to develop audiences and enrich the cultural lives of all Australians. The Tour of the Year is awarded for overall excellence in touring, recognising the quality of the production, the marketing campaign and the people making it happen. NB This award is for a single touring production with both the Tour Coordinator and Producer receiving an award.

2.  PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE OF THE YEAR [formerly Best Presenter]

The Drover Award for Performing Arts Centre of the Year recognises the achievements of an outstanding presenting organisation and will be awarded to the presenter who works with the producer to provide consistently outstanding production, marketing and management services. In addition, this presenter will have achieved exceptional success in audience development and community engagement.


This award recognises an outstanding contribution to performing arts touring in Australia and is awarded at the discretion of the PAC Australia Board of Management.




Tour of the Year 
An Awards Committee comprising the PAC Australia Chair and the presenter representatives of both the PAC Australia Board of Management and the National Performing Arts Reference Group decide the winners of the awards. The awards are determined using an Academy Awards approach (i.e. industry judgement) rather than a Logies approach (i.e. popular vote) Decisions are made using a consensus approach, however if consensus cannot be reached a vote will be taken with the President having the casting vote. The panel may choose to award equal/joint winners, or not award a category if the feeling is that the standard it not high enough. The panel must abide by the Drover Panel Code of Conduct [see below].


Touring productions are eligible for award nomination if the tour is completed during the period 1 May to 30 April and includes at least five PAC Australia members. Tours are eligible if whether they are funded by Playing Australia or by State Ministries or have received no touring funding.

New in 2019: Any producer or artist can enter the Drover Awards for Tour of the Year however, in order to become a finalist you must be a PAC  Australia member.  If you aren’t already a PAC Australia member and your production is considered to be a finalist we will contact you about joining, or you can join now. 

The Process

1.  Eligible productions are determined and listed on the PAC Australia website.

2.  PAC Australia members nominate candidates from the list for the award. Members must provide a brief supporting argument for their nomination and no performing arts centre who is otherwise eligible to vote for the Tour of the Year may cast a vote for a production of which they are a producer or co-producer.

3.  Nominations must be received via the PAC Australia website by the closing date.

4.  Nominations are collated and distributed to the Drovers Award panel.

5.  Award panel meets in June to discuss nominations and decide on award winners.

6.  Awards announced at the annual PAC Australia conference.

Performing Arts Centre of the Year All producers, subsidised or otherwise, having toured to at least five PAC Australia venues in the year preceding April 30 are entitled to lodge one nomination only.


All current PAC Australia venue members are eligible to receive the award. No producing member organisation who also manages, owns or is resident at an eligible Performing Arts Centre may cast a vote for that organisation.

The Presenter Award is determined by discussion and vote of the Drovers Presenter Award Committee from a list of nominations provided by producers throughout Australia. The Drovers Presenter Award Committee comprises:

– Three Tour Coordinators,

– Five producers [a minimum of one shall be a large producer or AMPAG company or designated representative thereof; a minimum of one shall be a small to medium producer company or designated representative thereof; a minimum of three shall be subsidised producers]

– And the previous year’s Touring Legend [where applicable].

Performing Arts Centre of the Year – Award Reference Criteria

The presenter:

–  Provides excellent technical service and support:

     a well maintained and equipped venue, professional staff

–  Provides excellent customer service:

     meets and greets the production company and is courteous and helpful

     undertakes regular and open communication with the producer and tour coordinator before, during and after the tour

–  Provides excellent administrative support:

     sign and return all documents (MOU’s, technical specifications, marketing requirements, contracts) in a timely manner 

     complete and return all post production and acquittal information in a timely manner

–  Provides excellent market support:

    a consistently high standard of promotion for shows in an effective and timely manner

–  Sets an exceptional standard in regard to audience development and community engagement:

    this may reflected by the audience numbers, diversity of audience or by the depth of engagement

    undertakes activities that develop audiences (numbers and cultural development)

    provides a program of events that is artform balanced in accordance with community needs




  • Panel members must declare conflict of interests.  A conflict may be perceived or actual.  A conflict will occur in the following instances:
    — A panel member is involved in the tour in a greater capacity than just a venue on the circuit or producer on the tour.  This would include being a producing partner, a financial investment for the tour in whole, support of pre-production phase of project.
  • Panel members are required to keep all discussions about awards confidential both before and after the awards are made.  All emails, correspondence, reports and files must be kept confidential leading up to the awards and destroyed after.
  • Panel members must not publicly talk about the awards in a manner that is less than positive.  It is not acceptable for panel members to talk about the awards in a disparaging, vindictive or harmful manner.
  • The panel’s decision is final and no individual panel member may dispute the award or express their individual disagreement in public about decisions made.
  • “In public” is not limited to talking in public arenas.  It also means talking to colleagues, friends, industry members, publishing articles, sending emails or sharing information with other nominees.
  • Panel members must be experienced in and knowledgeable of touring.  This is to be self assessed and monitored, however the PAC AUSTRALIA President may determine that a panel member is not qualified to be on the panel.
  • Panel members must act honestly, with integrity and be impartial.