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Our planet is facing a climate crisis, and the performing arts industry is faced with a challenging responsibility to reconsider the ways we make, present and tour productions and undertake any associated activities. PAC Australia stands in solidarity with all arts organisations already taking steps towards a greener future and in 2020 will introduce a new accolade to acknowledge their hard work and encourage others to gamely follow suit.

The Drovers Award for Excellence in Sustainability recognises an organisation’s exceptional commitment to and efforts towards adopting sustainable practices. The winner will have a proven track record of implementing successful sustainability programs, a commitment to long-term goals, and be an advocate for this cause within their community.



  • All current PAC Australia members are eligible.
  • Self-nominations and peer nominations will be accepted.
  • A majority of the demonstrable sustainability achievements cited in your nomination must have occurred between 1 May 2019 and 30 April 2020.


Who can nominate?

Any member of PAC Australia can nominate another PAC Australia member for consideration, or self-nominate.


What can I nominate for?

When considering which aspect/s of your business practice (or your peer’s) you wish to nominate for consideration, examples could include but aren’t limited to:

  • Programs put in place with the aim of achieving a working environment of carbon neutrality (or even carbon negativity), and their results so far.
  • Design and implementation of a bespoke program designed to improve sustainability in your organisation or venue.
  • Demonstrable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Evidence of a long-term commitment to improving the sustainability of your venue/organisation.
  • Evidence of a significant localised impact or broader national impact as a result of your efforts.
  • Tangible investments in energy-efficient equipment or retrofitting for your venue. This might include fundraising campaigns undertaken to support this goal.
  • Revision of tour coordination and delivery practices on a local, national or international scale.
  • Professional development opportunities offered to managers and/or staff to broaden understanding of sustainability practices and methodologies.
  • Promotions directed at audiences or patrons, with the aim of positively influencing consumer behaviour.
  • Inclusion of sustainability goals within your strategic plan, and associated KPIs.


Award Reference Criteria

  • Creativity – Are you thinking outside the box?
  • Perpetuity – Real results take time. Are you committed to the long haul?
  • Accountability – Who’s ensuring you follow through, and what happens if you don’t?
  • Advocacy – What are you doing to change others’ behaviour?


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UPDATE THIS – The 2020 Drovers Awards will be presented during the Australian Performing Arts Exchange, 7-11 September 2020, in Sydney NSW.