The Ninth Wave by The Farm and Co3 Contemporary Dance. Photo by Jess Wyld.

Festival of Outback Opera

Festival of Outback Opera by Opera Queensland. Photo by Glenn Hunt.

Auto Cannibal

Auto Cannibal by Australasian Dance Collective and Beijing Dance LDTX,
Choreographed by Stephanie Lake. Photo by Jade Ellis.


Zoom by Patch Theatre. Photo by Matt Byrne.

Trash Talk

Trash Talk by The Strangeways Ensemble. Courtesy of Merrigong Theatre Company.

So long suckers 2

So Long Suckers by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company. Photo by Simon Pynt.

Curious Legends

Curious Legends

Black Cockatoo

Black Cockatoo by Ensemble Theatre. Photo by Prudence Upton.


Whoosh by Sensorium Theatre. Photo by Peter Foster.

River Linked Live Virtual Concert

River Linked Live Virtual Concert. Photo by Abram Rasmussen Photography.

HOTA Home of the Arts

HOTA Home of the Arts. Courtesy of venue.

The Butch is Back

The Butch is Back by Reuben Kaye. Photo by Rebekah Ryan.

Conference Material


PAC Australia members can log in to the members section to review sessions on-demand from APAX 2020 and 2021.

REAP: More. Deeper. Different. – 26-29 August 2019


Opening Keynote – The Impulse for Change

Speaker – Bryan Joseph Lee

Bryan is an arts manager and producer who has been exploring the intersection of arts and communities for over a decade. Drawing on years of experience from Woolly Mammoth, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Round House Theater, and The Public Theater, Bryan will point to what’s effective and what’s problematic about performing arts programming and audience development with community at the heart, and how we can deliver better outcomes.

Convergence: The Centre of Attention

Speakers – Alison Clark (Arts Council England), Deborah Cullinan (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts) & Michelle Adams (Big hART)

Performing arts centre? Making space? Business Hub? Community centre? Meeting place? What is the evolving role of arts centres? Can we demonstrate that we are facing all of our stakeholders and communities in ways that they value? Will ‘relevance’ be the new litmus test for our success and continued investment? A group of cultural leaders from Manchester, San Francisco and Roebourne will question the purpose of arts centres.

But Where’s The Proof?

Speakers – Jordan Gibbs (Culture Counts) & Rick Heath (PAC Australia)

Measuring impact is hard… or is it? Get the lowdown on new models of impact assessment. We’ll take you through two evidence-based models that provide real data, not only on the impact of your shows but how that impact varies between ‘hires’ and ‘buys’. Want to make evidence-based programming decisions? We’ll show you how.

Nourishing Creative Appetite

Joel McGuinness, Bryan Joseph Lee, Elizabeth Old & Louisa Norman

40+ shows to consider… Hundreds of ideas sparked – What now? How do you create the perfect ‘mix tape’ for audiences – leading them to new places, meeting their desires and attracting those that may never have ventured into that space? Four critical creative thinkers provide their insight about making programming decisions. What filters do they use and how do they align their creative ambition with other imperatives?

Keynote: Anne Torreggiani

Anne Torreggiani (The Audience Agency)

We all have experiences with audiences but how much do we really know about them? Why, and how do we find them? That’s the business of UK’s Audience Agency, whose mission it is to support the cultural sector in becoming more audience-focused – and more relevant and resilient as a result. Anne Torreggiani has 25 years’ experience in the arts, as director of marketing and audiences with numerous UK cultural organisations, local authorities, theatres and festivals.

State Of The Art

Big ideas, practical tools, new concepts, paradigm shifts…there’s a lot to process. So what have been the big take-aways? Join our Thinker-in-Residence Wesley Enoch to reflect on what we’ve learnt and hear the observations about where we’re at and where we might be headed.

Australia Council Update

Making Space – 2-6 September 2018


Making Space  – Opening Keynote

Speaker – Sigal Cohen, Avshalom Pollak Dance Theatre

Making Space  – Keynote 

Speaker – Dr. Gill Hicks

Making Space  – Keynote

Speaker – Dr. Richard Walley

2017 Outside, In



2017 Conference Highlights:

Outside, In  – Keynote

Speaker – Jennifer Whelan

Outside, In  – Keynote

Speaker – Dee Madigan

Outside, In  – Keynote

Speaker – Sarah Houbolt

Outside, In  – Keynote

Speaker – Benjamin Law

Outside, In  – Getting Local Government to Give a Sh!t Session 

Outside, In  – Robyn Archer, Reflections Part 1

Outside, In  – Robyn Archer, Reflections Part 2

The New Normal


Is change the new constant? In a period of upheaval and uncertainty in the arts industry, the 2016 APACA Conference explored ways in which we can be agile, resilient and responsive in both our work environment and the broader cultural landscape. Exploring a range of issues on social entrepreneurship, buyer behaviour, cultural diversity, contemporary music touring and strategies for managing and adapting to change at an organisational and personal level, we also continued to support indigenous work, reflecting on outcomes from the Australia Council’s research into the presentation of indigenous work Showcasing Creativity.

The New Normal – Opening Keynote

Speaker – Kath Mainland, Melbourne Festival

Cultural Protocols for Presenting Indigenous Work

Speakers – Rhoda Roberts & Lee-Anne Buckskin

Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Frahm

Showcasing Creativity – First Nations Work

Speakers: Lydia Miller, Jackie Bailey, Hung-Yen & Mandy Whitford

Where to Next? The Past, Present and Future of Presenting

Speakers: Christine Dunstan, David Anderson, Ben Graetz & Anne-Marie Heath

So… Is there a New Normal?

Speaker: John Knell

2015 Mobilise: Creating Momentum



In a global environment where arts organisations are facing greater challenges to artistic and financial sustainability than ever before the 2015 conference MOBILISE, embodied the sense of positive momentum required for organisations, audiences and the industry as whole.

Keynote Address

Michael Kaiser, De Vos Institute


How do we institute change in the culture of our organisations in order to maximise innovation and creativity in both our output and our business models? How do we create the perfect team and get the best out of them?

Speaker – Mary Vallentine AO, Melbourne Recital Centre

Speaker – Louise Herron AM, Sydney Opera House


How do we improve our advocacy for the arts in the light of the next federal election. What tools and skills do we require to be successful?

Speaker – Paul Oosting, Get Up!

Speaker – David Magill, GM Holden


Mobilise ourselves as arts leaders. What professional development do we need and how do we progress our individual careers?

Speaker – Wendy McCarthy AO, Circus Oz

Speaker – Matt Cowdroy, Think Productive


How do we develop audiences, not only mobilising them to attend, but increasing the depth of their engagement?

Speakers – Amanda Coombe & Jody Evans

Speaker – Rosie Dennis, Urban Theatre Projects

Speaker – Heather Dransfield, Arts on Tour


Speaker – Duncan M Webb, Webb Management Services