The Ninth Wave by The Farm and Co3 Contemporary Dance. Photo by Jess Wyld.

Festival of Outback Opera

Festival of Outback Opera by Opera Queensland. Photo by Glenn Hunt.

Auto Cannibal

Auto Cannibal by Australasian Dance Collective and Beijing Dance LDTX,
Choreographed by Stephanie Lake. Photo by Jade Ellis.


Zoom by Patch Theatre. Photo by Matt Byrne.

Trash Talk

Trash Talk by The Strangeways Ensemble. Courtesy of Merrigong Theatre Company.

So long suckers 2

So Long Suckers by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company. Photo by Simon Pynt.

Curious Legends

Curious Legends

Black Cockatoo

Black Cockatoo by Ensemble Theatre. Photo by Prudence Upton.


Whoosh by Sensorium Theatre. Photo by Peter Foster.

River Linked Live Virtual Concert

River Linked Live Virtual Concert. Photo by Abram Rasmussen Photography.

HOTA Home of the Arts

HOTA Home of the Arts. Courtesy of venue.

The Butch is Back

The Butch is Back by Reuben Kaye. Photo by Rebekah Ryan.

Members Code of Conduct

Download a copy of the Members Code of Conduct



“The future of presenting must be bound by a mutuality of purpose, which recognizes that our success or failure must be shared.

No artist, presenter, or manager works alone.

No audience and community experience art without the collaborative efforts of artists and arts organisations.

No successful presenting occurs without the community as context.”

[Keen and Rhodes – An American Dialogue]




Our Vision is that all Australian communities are connected to stories that shape and reflect their lives, their culture and the places in which they live.

Our Purpose is to support and represent performing arts presenters and creators in Australia by providing leadership, building capacity and facilitating relationships that strengthens the connection between the art and the audience.



PAC Australia has three core roles:

  1. Connection – We connect performance makers and presenters to create shared understanding and mutually beneficial outcomes that support the presentation and mobility of arts activity.
  2. Leadership – We identify key industry issues and set the agenda to profess those issues, both independently and through collaborative action with strategic allies. We promote the value, and advocate for, the needs of people and organisations in the performing arts industry.
  3. Capacity – Yours and ours. We provide information to help individuals and organisations in our membership develop best practice in presenting and audience development. We undertake activity that builds our knowledge and operational resources.



PAC Australia is committed to encouraging the highest standard of ethical practice and professional conduct of its members. The Association is committed to complying with applicable laws and standards, and industry codes of conduct.

By virtue of your membership of PAC Australia, it is expected that you will:

  • Reinforce the integrity and reputation of the Association
  • Promote a culture of fair and ethical behaviour
  • Conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Abide by the Association’s Touring Code of Conduct and Member Code of Conduct
  • Support and be committed to the Association
  • Abide by the Board’s published resolutions
  • Pay Association dues on time
  • Participate in research surveys and projects undertaken by the Association
  • Provide feedback and input as required
  • Participate in the annual conference
  • Respect colleagues and treat them fairly
  • Treat producers, artists and touring parties with integrity and respect
  • Be aware of potential conflicts of interests and make declaration of any such conflict, or perceived conflict