PAC Australia response to “Sculpting a National Cultural Plan”

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The report from the federal Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia’s Creative and Cultural Industries has been released.


PAC Australia today welcomed the long awaited report from the Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia’s Creative and Cultural Industries. From a committee which included Liberal, National and Labor members, we should see these bipartisan recommendations turn into real reform, and we look forward to working on a national cultural plan.

Alongside the recommendation for a national cultural plan, a number of the recommendations from the report directly impact how PAC members operate, and we’re now looking towards their further development. Among them:

  • Recognition of the role of each level of government in growing cultural and creative industries (2 -1.25) and the need for these three levels of government to work together (2 – 1.26).
  • That the Commonwealth consider their role in working with tertiary providers to address regional skills development (9 – 3.81), with a cross-portfolio pilot program to be considered between the Departments of Education, Skills & Employment, and Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development & Communications alongside regional arts and cultural organisations (9 – 3.82).
  • That the criteria for capital expenditure set out in the Australian Education Act 2013 include expenditure relating to equipment and facilities for arts, performance and cultural activities. (14 – 5.65)
  • That the Office for the Arts investigate ways in which to support regional peak bodies for the creative and cultural arts industries and institutions (19 – 6.87)

The full report and list of recommendations can be reviewed here.

PAC Australia will work with the our sectors partners and the Office for the Arts to review these recommendations as they are incorporated into upcoming federal election campaigns – and of course post-election.