Guidance on Ticket Refunds and Exchanges

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Live Performance Australia has developed guidance for ticket refunds and exchanges in a COVID-19 environment. Bringing together a working group from across the arts and entertainment sector (including PAC Australia), this document was developed with the following principles in mind:

  1. Safety first: Events are COVID safe for all workers and audiences and mitigate risks of community transmission to the general public.
  2. Two-way trust: The industry can trust consumers to stay home if unwell with COVID-19 symptoms and consumers can trust the industry to treat them fairly.
  3. Positively influence consumer behaviour: Refund/exchange policies need to positively influence consumer behaviour (i.e. stay home if unwell) and not include unnecessary requirements that serve as a disincentive.
  4. Supporting industry sustainability: Refund/exchange policies enable the industry to retain ticket proceeds, wherever possible.
  5. Evolving: This guidance will be reviewed and may evolve as a larger portion of the industry reactivates when government directions permit

You can download the guidance document HERE.