Benchmarking – Data Collection

2019 Benchmarking Surveys


Every two years PAC Australia produces two key benchmarking reports – our Economic Activity report and the Venue Charges and Salaries report. These documents provide key insights into the current operating frameworks of Australian performing arts centres and the nature and scope of the cultural and community activity taking place across the country.

This allows centres to benchmark their organisations against the national landscape and is essential reading for anyone involved in the planning of new performance spaces and programs or the redevelopment of existing spaces.

The biennial benchmarking reports are critical tools for the industry to look at things like utilisation of venues, financial inputs and outputs, employment levels, management models, ticketing systems, salaries and charges, programming and entrepreneurial activity.


To get you motivated, this year we established 5 target levels of participation. For every target our members reached we donated to World Vision to support those living in poverty.

30 participants – we will gift 12 blankets to provide essential warmth and protection to those made homeless by conflict or disaster.

50 participants – we will gift 6 childhood immunisations to deliver effective protection against deadly diseases.

60 participants – we will gift 4 emergency medical kits providing crucial items such as antiseptics, bandages and dressings to families to help prevent infection.

80 participants – we will donate to provide training to 2 community healthcare workers to provide effective on-the-spot treatment, health advice and education.

100 participants – we will donate to provide training to 2 teachers to guide, inspire and educate children to help them pursue opportunity and break the poverty cycle.

Data Collection


PAC Australia members (presenters) are sent a link to complete two online surveys to allow us to gather information. Members are obliged to complete the surveys and will receive the benchmarking reports free of charge. Members not completing the survey will be charged a fee to access the reports.

The effectiveness of the reports is linked to the number of members completing the survey, as such, we strongly urge participation.


And now…


PAC Australia (with support from CircuitWest) is now able to present the reports in an online format with a data query function. This means that you can now search the information for similar centres and compare standards such as staffing levels, salaries, turnover, attendance, levels of entrepreneurial activity etc.

The online platform, or dashboard, is now available – contact us for details about accessing the dashboard.

If you participated in the 2017 surveys you now are able to access the new Interactive Benchmarking Dashboard free of charge.
If you can’t remember if you participated click here to check.


If you would like to learn more about PAC Australia’s Interactive Benchmarking Dashboard but missed our webinar, check out our recording below:


We’re also prototyping a model that will combine this information with Culture Counts, a tool for measuring social impact. This means you’ll be able to compare impact and investment across multiple events. We reckon this will be a game changer in supporting programming decisions and particularly valuable when working with local government.


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