Benchmarking – Data Collection

2021 Benchmarking Surveys


The 2021 PAC Australia benchmarking survey is here – and it’s easier to complete!

We’ve listened to feedback from our members and industry stakeholders and rebuilt the survey in a more accessible and flexible format.

Thanks to our project partners, Culture Counts, much of the survey is now captured in an excel spreadsheet to help make data entry more logical and intuitive. With this new format you can:

  • see all the information required in one space, rather than clicking through a survey and relying on a preview document;
  • save and return to the document as needed;
  • share or delegate sections to others in your team; and
  • once completed, you keep all that data collected for your own records, so you have access to the information whenever you need it in the future.


The only component not included in the spreadsheet is the salaries questionnaire – this is completed on the Culture Counts platform to ensure the anonymity of the responses. (The link is in the spreadsheet).

Instructions are built into the document and there’s a short ‘how to’ video to assist below. We’re here to help so if you get stuck, please email

Performing arts centres who are not currently members are also encouraged to complete the survey. The more responses, the richer the data – venues really do hold a depth of data across commercial, subsidised and community activity than any other arts organisation can provide, so we encourage as many centres as possible around the country to respond.

All information is to be submitted by Monday 28 February 2022.

Download survey here

Video shortcuts:

0.00 – 3.37    Introduction to the survey – why this is important!

3.37                Changes to how we are collecting the data – spreadsheet vs survey How to use the spreadsheet

9.28                How to complete the salaries section

11.09              Finishing the survey – ensuring you’ve completed all sections, then saving and sending to

12.20              Specific sections – the impact of COVID-19 and new policy questions

13.42              Due date and how to contact PAC Australia with any questions.

How does your venue data make a difference?

It has never been more important to have an accurate picture of the activity and operations of performing arts centres. Since the last survey in 2019 there have been profound and lasting impacts on the way presenters, producers, and audiences operate so the 2021 benchmarking survey captures the depth and breadth of these impacts and sets a baseline for industry response and recovery over the next decade.

Even if there has been minimal activity in your performing arts centre in 2020/21, reporting your venue information and activity details is still critical.

This survey collects vital data on services, activities, and employment conditions in performing arts centres across Australia and is an important and powerful tool for planning, resourcing, and demonstrating the value of presenting organisations.

Two benchmarking reports are published capturing Venue Charges and Staff Salaries, and Economic Activity, along with an interactive dashboard hosted in partnership between PAC Australia and Culture Counts. The data collected will also be shared with our state-based counterparts (VAPAC, Stage Queensland, NAPACA, SAPA and CircuitWest), so your efforts completing the survey will be rewarded with well-informed advocacy on both state and federal levels.


Interactive Benchmarking Dashboards

PAC Australia (with support from CircuitWest) is now able to present the 2019 reports in an online format with a data query function. This means that you can now search the information for similar centres and compare standards such as staffing levels, salaries, turnover, attendance, levels of entrepreneurial activity etc. Once the 2021 survey is completed these dashboards will be updated with assistance from Culture Counts.

The 2019 online platform, or dashboard, is now available – contact us for details about accessing the dashboard.


If you would like to learn more about PAC Australia’s Interactive Benchmarking Dashboard, check out the webinar recording below:

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