Presenter Training Program (PTP)


The Presenter is one of the most important cogs in the performing arts continuum, bringing together touring artists, producers, audiences and communities. Arts presenters negotiate best outcomes for a diverse range of stakeholders, are accountable to their employer (usually local government) and need to ensure accessibility, equity and high quality outcomes.

PAC Australia’s Presenter Training Program (PTP) unpacks the unique challenges faced by arts presenters, while developing skills to enhance success and add value to audiences, stakeholders and community. The content of the PTP is aimed at Presenters new to the role or those seeking a greater understanding of how to develop this role. It’s also great succession planning for your organisation to send your 2IC!

The PTP cohort is limited to 20 participants to ensure the learning and exchange will effectively build personal skills capacities and help to build a peer network.

Presenter Training Program 2023


More information about the 2023 Presenter Training Program will be released soon. To stay up to date with the PTP and other PAC Australia initiatives, subscribe to our e-news.

Presenter Training Program 2022


The 2022 Presenter Training Program was delivered in two parts:

1. Eleven fortnightly 2.5 hour online sessions starting in May, 2022

2. A full day intensive in September, 2022 (in conjunction with APAX 2022). While in-person attendance in Sydney is preferred, we understand that may not be possible for everyone and arrangements may be made to participate online as needed.

Applicants for the Presenting Training Program need to confirm availability for all planned sessions, including the full day intensive.

View the PTP 2022 program.

Our thanks to PAC Australia member Greg Hordacre, who has been instrumental in the development of program content for the PTP.