Audience Development, Love & the Pursuit of Happiness

“We fall in love with those who care for us in familiar ways” Alain de Botton

Audience development is no different. Our audiences seeks ways to be nurtured and fulfilled in ways that resonate and are relevant.

Audience development means many things to many people and the lines between marketing, programming and sales are often blurred. So, when we say audience development, what exactly are we trying to develop?

In April 2018, PAC Australia executive director Rick Heath was invited to present to the Chamber of Culture & Arts WA on this very topic. You can now watch the session below – more than tools and tactics for driving bums on seats, this session is about taking an holistic approach.

Rick is then joined by Guy Boyce, artistic director and CEO of the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre who walks through the multi-year and multi-faceted audience developent project they undertook, tackling the “I don’t have an audience for contemporary dance” naysayerers head on and proving them wrong.