The Ninth Wave by The Farm and Co3 Contemporary Dance. Photo by Jess Wyld.

Festival of Outback Opera

Festival of Outback Opera by Opera Queensland. Photo by Glenn Hunt.

Auto Cannibal

Auto Cannibal by Australasian Dance Collective and Beijing Dance LDTX,
Choreographed by Stephanie Lake. Photo by Jade Ellis.


Zoom by Patch Theatre. Photo by Matt Byrne.

Trash Talk

Trash Talk by The Strangeways Ensemble. Courtesy of Merrigong Theatre Company.

So long suckers 2

So Long Suckers by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company. Photo by Simon Pynt.

Curious Legends

Curious Legends

Black Cockatoo

Black Cockatoo by Ensemble Theatre. Photo by Prudence Upton.


Whoosh by Sensorium Theatre. Photo by Peter Foster.

River Linked Live Virtual Concert

River Linked Live Virtual Concert. Photo by Abram Rasmussen Photography.

HOTA Home of the Arts

HOTA Home of the Arts. Courtesy of venue.

The Butch is Back

The Butch is Back by Reuben Kaye. Photo by Rebekah Ryan.

Performing Spaces


Do you speak “local government”? Performing Spaces provides you with a common language and some excellent, practical tools and advice for getting the most out of your local cultural facilities.

Do you need:

  • a framework to describe how the performing arts create public value outcomes?
  • to communicate how to measure economic and non-economic success?
  • to know what the critical success factors of a performing arts centre are?


Local government plays a pivotal role in building cohesive, liveable, prosperous communities. The performing arts has significant untapped potential as a natural enabler of those outcomes. Local government often holds the key to unlocking that potential.

In the majority of cases, performing arts facilities are owned, funded (at least in part) and often directly managed by local government. The performing arts centre is the flagship of the community, often sitting in the most prominent place in the town’s CBD. Our research tells us that local governments value their performing arts centres first and foremost as spaces that generate community wellbeing. They mention things like community cohesion, vibrancy and growing the local economy.

This guide was developed primarily for local government senior management, to assist them to grow community wellbeing through their performing arts centres and facilities.

Download the Performing Spaces guide in full below, or to order a hard copy please contact us (postage fees apply).

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