The Ninth Wave by The Farm and Co3 Contemporary Dance. Photo by Jess Wyld.

Festival of Outback Opera

Festival of Outback Opera by Opera Queensland. Photo by Glenn Hunt.

Auto Cannibal

Auto Cannibal by Australasian Dance Collective and Beijing Dance LDTX,
Choreographed by Stephanie Lake. Photo by Jade Ellis.


Zoom by Patch Theatre. Photo by Matt Byrne.

Trash Talk

Trash Talk by The Strangeways Ensemble. Courtesy of Merrigong Theatre Company.

So long suckers 2

So Long Suckers by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company. Photo by Simon Pynt.

Curious Legends

Curious Legends

Black Cockatoo

Black Cockatoo by Ensemble Theatre. Photo by Prudence Upton.


Whoosh by Sensorium Theatre. Photo by Peter Foster.

River Linked Live Virtual Concert

River Linked Live Virtual Concert. Photo by Abram Rasmussen Photography.

HOTA Home of the Arts

HOTA Home of the Arts. Courtesy of venue.

The Butch is Back

The Butch is Back by Reuben Kaye. Photo by Rebekah Ryan.


PowerPAC is a half-day training workshop for local government, arts centres staff and your local creative community. Accompanied by a practical guide, the training provides tools and practical experience to address the desire (and need) within communities to be more connected, build practical skills and share, nurture and create resources to deliver greater value to community. Simply put, it’s about getting the most out of your community’s arts centre.

The PowerPAC workshop is held within your community and can be attended by as many people as you like.

The purpose of PowerPAC is to:

  • Get more out of your performing arts resources.
  • Give more back to your community.
  • Provide both evidence and practical ways to show and understand the value of the performing arts.
  • Support venue owners and managers to develop a greater understanding of creative processes, programming and producing, and the added value this can contribute to community and audience development.
  • Develop confidence for co-commissioning and co-producing with other venues and artists beyond their communities.
  • Provide pathways for collaboration between artists/producers, local government and performing arts centres.


It’s about sharing resources and ideas, and coming together to discover how everyone’s interests can be better served.

Ultimately, it’s about maximising liveability and wellbeing in your community.


The updated PowerPAC guide has arrived. You can download your free copy here:


Contact us for more information on bringing the workshop to your community.


“As a newcomer to the theatre world, I found the PowerPAC session stimulating as well as informative. It provided me with the tools to explore potential partnerships in my community which would benefit both artists and audiences – not to mention our theatre!” – Manager, Community and Cultural Development

“Insightful, creative and nurturing! Such a great day of getting to know and engaging with other creatives. I cam away from this workshop feeling empowered and supported in the knowledge that we are not alone, there are people out there who want to connect and help.” – Valli Pappini, Queens Park Theatre, Geraldton

“A well-presented, compact and engaging workshop, that made you think outside the box and even get out of your comfort zone… Regional cities need more of these workshops as it enabled people in the industry to come together and start many conversations.” – Joanne Panter, City of Greater Geraldton

“PowerPAC at its heart is a program that helps link artists, producers and government together. In a regional community, it’s essential to help jump-start an enterprising arts sector, as well as find opportunities in the blind spots of local government and the arts community.” – Julian Canny, Director of Euphorium Creative, Regional Independent Arts Producer

“It created a space for local government, creative and community minded people to re-engage with what’s possible.” – Workshop attendee

“Our glass is now half full, not half empty – that’s how we felt after leaving the workshop.” – Workshop attendee

PowerPAC is possible thanks to:

PAC Australia acknowledges the work of James Buick of Artfect Consulting in undertaking the research involved in the project and writing the original guide (2012). We are also thankful for the work of Lyn Wallis formerly of the Australia Council for the Arts for initiating the project in 2012, the Australia Council itself for funding the original project and Luke Harriman for his assistance in updating the 2018 edition.

The redeveloped 2018 PowerPAC guide and workshops undertaken throughout Western Australia are thanks to CircuitWest as part of WA’s Creative Regions program, an investment of $24m by government, managed through the West Australian Deptartment of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the Deptartment of Primary Industry and Regional Development.