*New Touring Advisory Group announced

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PAC Australia and Regional Arts Australia partner on new Touring Advisory Group

PAC Australia and Regional Arts Australia are pleased to announce the formation of the Touring Advisory Group (TAG) which the two organisations will co-convene. Both organisations have previously independently convened similar groups (Regional Arts Australia’s Regional and Rural Touring Advisory Group and PAC Australia’s National Performing Arts Reference Group) with touring being the primary subject for discussion.

Recognising a cross over in membership in these groups and the overlap in the strategic focus of both organisations which prioritises touring reform and best practice, the two organisations will now co-convene the Touring Advisory Group (TAG).

The Touring Advisory Group (TAG) will provide information and advice on matters relating to the convenor’s roles as national advocates for performing arts touring. By co-convening the advisory group, Regional Arts Australia and PAC Australia aim to ensure there is a consistent and coordinated approach to developing policy positions and strategies which will support artists, producers, presenters and tour coordinators, and ultimately audiences, involved in performing arts touring.

Ros Abercrombie, executive director of Regional Arts Australia said, “One of our priorities for the next twelve months at Regional Arts Australia is to facilitate partnerships that strengthen artistic and creative practice and to work more effectively across industry and policy sectors to build a stronger, more diverse and sustainable arts and cultural sector.”

Katherine Connor, executive director of PAC Australia added, “PAC Australia sees a holistic regeneration of the current national touring structures as not only pressing but essential – driving this reform is central to our advocacy efforts on behalf of our members, and the greater sector. This new model for consultation with those actively engaged in touring in Australia will enable both our organisations to drive well-informed and consistent policy positions, and it is an exciting development for these two peak organisations to work together to support the sector as it navigates new ways of working.”

The organisations are now calling for expressions of interest from those engaged in touring to join the advisory group. Expressions of interest will close in mid-January with the first meeting of the newly established group to take place in February.

More information and to express interest in joining the group: https://paca.org.au/projects/tag/